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Missed ChangeUp's Webinar on Managing MIAA Pitch Counts? No problem - we recorded it.

Managing MIAA Pitch Count Rules with ChangeUp
Recorded on: February 25, 2021

The ChangeUp team and Joe Paolucci, Commissioner of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League and Head Coach of Weymouth HS baseball, discuss:

  • How ChangeUp automates pitch count tracking and compliance reporting
  • How ChangeUp analytics can be used to promote player safety and to shape strength/ conditioning/ training regimens and facilitate player recruitment processes
  • Why the Futures Collegiate Baseball League selected ChangeUp and the benefits the League is experiencing
  • How ChangeUp's player-centric approach enables tracking of all pitching activity - even during the offseason or for other programs
  • Where ChangeUp is headed – an overview of the product road map
  • Pricing options, including league and multi-year discounts