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Futures Collegiate Baseball League Relies on ChangeUp to Enforce Player Safety

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League has partnered with ChangeUp to monitor pitchers’ activities, improve coaching communication, and reduce administrative burden.

To compete for top talent, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) differentiates itself from other leagues by prioritizing player safety and health. To support that commitment, the organization has partnered with ChangeUp, which enables the FCBL to accurately monitor pitchers’ activities, improve overall communication among coaches and dramatically reduce administrative burden.

“We looked carefully at other pitch and performance tracking solutions, and none provided the ease-of -use and feature-rich performance of the ChangeUp platform. Some of the other solutions provided some of the functionality that ChangeUp provides, but none came close to ChangeUp’s full feature set and accessibility,” says Joe Paolucci, commissioner of the FCBL

To read what else he had to say about the benefits of adopting ChangeUp, download the case study now.

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Or if you are a coach, parent or player interested in the market’s only player-centric mobile solution that captures pitch activity over multiple teams and leagues, across all seasons and for a player’s entire career, download the ChangeUp application here.