Preconfigured Support For:

Little League
Pitch Smart – USA Baseball

Real-Time Visibility & Alerts

Access pitcher availability and compliance reporting as you plan for a ballgame or from the dugout.

Access Insights to Guide Your Decisions:

Ensure Day of Rest (DOR) compliance across school, leisure and travel teams.

Know who is eligible to pitch on your team and for your opponent.

Access scheduling information within the app.

Receive alerts in advance of upcoming DOR thresholds and max pitch counts so you can better plan pitching rotations.

Develop in-season and off-season training regimens to help players reach their full potential.

Create custom rules specific to your team, including:

Unlimited DOR corresponding days of rest combinations

Maximum pitches per day, game, and inning

Maximum number of pitches to be eligible to start a new inning

Cumulative pitches across a set number of days

Consecutive day rest rules

Create Custom Rules Specific to Your Team:

Unlimited Day of Rest (DOR) corresponding days of rest combinations.

Maximum pitches per day, game and inning.

Maximum number of pitches to be eligible to start a new inning.

Cumulative pitches across a set number of days.

Consecutive day rest rules.

Player Health & Safety

The ChangeUp player-centric approach records every player pitching performance, across teams, seasons and training sessions. This aids recruitment, training, and medical intervention. Plus, access personalized, continuously refined assessments to identify trends and tendencies.


Identify pitcher trends and tendencies within the ChangeUp analytics platform, including a continuously refined collection of personalized performance assessments.


Position pitchers for success and help them avoid injuries from overuse by following pitch count rules and paying attention to visual cues.


Use real data to evaluate existing and new regulations furthering the goal of player safety by leveraging the ChangeUp Data Repository.

Simplified Pitcher Monitoring & Reporting

Access tracking and reporting with a centralized compliance dashboard and automated availability reporting.

Find critical data to inform coaching decisions in our highly intuitive dashboard.

Eliminate the burden of manually reporting pitch counts with Individual Game Summary reports and Entity-wide (Un)Availability Reports.

Gain real-time and accurate reconciliation with opposing teams when both teams in a game are tracking pitch counts via the ChangeUp platform.

Career Profiles for Players

ChangeUp builds player profiles for each athlete on the platform. For each player, capture and retain pitching activity and performance while they play on different teams within the same season – and even across seasons.

In addition to enabling trend analysis, these profiles may be used to shape strength, conditioning, and training regimes. Plus, these profiles may facilitate the player recruitment processes and inform medical treatment decisions.


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