Adrenaline Fundraising Promotion 2021

ChangeUp is FREE for Adrenaline Fundraising Customers in 2021

Adrenaline Fundraising New England has partnered with ChangeUp for the 2021 baseball season to provide ChangeUp's cutting-edge pitching management solution free of charge to any baseball program in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire that runs an Adrenaline Fundraising campaign.

That's right, free. What's the catch? Well, in our opinion, there is none. Simply raise money for your baseball program using one of Adrenaline Fundraising's fantastic products, and then protect your pitchers with ChangeUp for free this season!

Interested? Get started now:

  1. Complete the contact form below
  2. A representative from Adrenaline will follow up to set up your fundraising campaign
  3. Sign up for ChangeUp, free of charge!