Analytics Evaluation
Sample Little League Evaluation Screen

The ChangeUp Analytics platform is comprised of subjective performance assessment data collected at set intervals across predetermined evaluation criteria: during each pitching session.

During each ChangeUp-tracked pitching session, coaches are prompted to provide subjective evaluation data regarding their pitcher's performance, at that point in the game, across a set of predefined criteria:

  1. Velocity
  2. Control
  3. Curveball (or breaking ball)
  4. Change up
  5. Deception of pitches (is the pitcher keeping batters off balance?)
  6. Stamina

Each evaluation is based on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 used to represent when that particular player is performing at her/his best.

The evaluation criteria/factors used to evaluate performances are configurable by league/tournament, as are both the frequency (default = every 20 pitches) and the scale.  Additionally, Coaches can designate individual evaluations as "high pressure situations"  (e.g., tight games, runners on base, high importance games, etc.).

Over time, this compiled data in the ChangeUp analytics engine provides coaches, players, and others (including scouts, if authorized to access) with a detailed picture of a pitcher's trends and tendencies between any two points in time or across an entire career.  This data can be used to help coaches best deploy their pitchers, provide feedback to their players and develop in-season and off-season training regimens to help pitchers reach their potentials, as well as by players and scouts to aid in recruiting processes.

Historical Performance Trends

Raw Analytics Data