Every Pitch Counts

Pitching Safety and Performance Management

Simplifying Pitching Management 

The simple, easy to use platform for tracking pitching and recommended or required rest for players on your team, league or tournament, ChangeUp is designed to track a player’s career as opposed to an individual team or season. ChangeUp gathers and retains pitching information across multiple teams and seasons, providing a comprehensive view into historical pitching activity for players of all ages and skill levels, while easing the administrative burden that comes with tracking this information manually, enabling coaches and managers alike to focus on baseball.

Informed Analytics

An ever-evolving personalized pitching guideline based on historical pitching performances for use in conjunction with regulated pitch count limits and visual cues to determine when to remove a pitcher from a game.  ChangeUp's analytics engine tracks performance-based metrics to help coaches best position pitchers for success while keeping them safe.

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Competitive Insight

ChangeUp provides a window into pitching rotation availability of opponents, empowering coaches to make strategic decisions regarding upcoming matchups.

Manage Rest and Availability

ChangeUp automatically determines the amount of rest needed for a player following a pitching session based on rules specific to governing league, state, tournament, or other organization, and also factors in pitching work players perform for other programs.

Recruiting Profiles

ChangeUp's player-centric performance analytics and pitching data combine to form a complete, detailed pitching profile for use in recruiting.

Follow Players

Have players on your team pitching for travel or other organizations? Follow them out of season to monitor their activity, and during season track availability and required rest across multiple teams against your own schedule.

Why ChangeUp?

From school teams to travel teams to all-star teams, players frequently pitch for two or more teams at the same time, resulting in an increased level of tracking complexity.  For baseball professionals, it can be risky to rely on athletes or parents to accurately record and report pitch loads incurred outside of their purview.  Athletes want to compete.  Parents sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture.  It is often up to coaches to help them keep the athletes' health and long-term performance in mind.

While pitch count restrictions are in place to protect players from injury due to overuse, they aren't enough as every player’s composition and stamina is different.  The simple truth is that simply because a guideline or restriction indicates that a certain amount of pitches can be thrown in a given session, it doesn’t mean that they should.

Enter ChangeUp.

In addition to tracking pitch counts and pitcher availability across multiple teams and leagues, ChangeUp records several key metrics at regular intervals during each pitching session and feeds that information into algorithms that are used as a form of predictive analytics to indicate the efficiency of various types of pitches and overall effectiveness & stamina as a pitcher gets deeper into an outing.  Translating to what is essentially an ever-evolving personalized pitch count guideline, ChangeUp analytics exist to track player stamina and performance over time and are intended to provide metrics for coaches and parents to to use in addition to pitch count limits and visual cues to determine when to make a change and remove a pitcher from a game with a goal of promoting player safety.

ChangeUp's player-centric analytics and historical pitching data combine together to form a complete pitching resume for use in recruiting, enabling players to provide detailed information to scouts and coaches regarding their career to date.


Designed to provide an easy-to-use tool to accurately and completely track an athlete’s pitch load across an unlimited number of teams and seasons, ChangeUp also provides real-time, in-game analytics regarding safety, durability, effectiveness, and other key performance metrics while also ensuring compliance with pitching restrictions and tracking of availability for upcoming games. Further, by tracking pitch loads across multiple teams, ChangeUp is the uncontested, go-to pitching platform that eliminates uncertainty about workloads and availability.